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Friday, 8 January 2010

Dork & Hat #1

So for some context to this very short comic script you need to go and read this and then look at these two incredible drawings. Okay, you've looked at those and got the concept. Amazonian Valkyrie Superheroes who are also artists.

Take a gander at these two pages of script then.

Dork & Hat #1

Page 1

Panel 1

Wide panel across the page.

DORKMUFFIN and OLDHAT (in normal starving artists clothes. OLDHAT has her beret on despite the heat.) are sitting in wrought iron chairs at an outside café in an Italian city centre. The sun is high and a beautiful fountain flows in the background. The crowd around them are a myriad of mythical creatures (fauns, centaurs, giants, elves, pixes, etc) intermixed with humans.

DORKMUFFIN is drawing the waterfall on a sketchpad. OLDHAT is playing with the settings a DSLR camera. On the table in front of them are ice cream bowls, opened green glassed bottles of water, and espressos already drunk.

Dorkmuffin: So I was thinking we could go to the galleria d'arte later.

Panel 2

Half the page width. Below panel 1 and to the left of panel 3.

Close up on OLDHAT's face.

Oldhat: Hmmn.

Panel 3

Half the page width. Below panel 1 and to the right of panel 2.

Close up on and old lady faun and a human teenage male. The human is running away from the faun. He has a handbag in his hands. He is heading towards the point of view.

Old Lady Faun(shouting): Stop! Please someone stop him!

Panel 4

Mid shot on OLDHAT and DORKMUFFIN. They are in their superhero costumes. Manga style panel with no background. The table and chairs, including drinks etc, are being scattered by their explosive awesomeness.

Page 2.

Panel 1

Both DORKMUFFIN and OLDHAT are standing in the path of the escaping purse-snatcher. DORKMUFFIN has laid her staff down in his path. He is looking behind himself with a smug expression. The old lady faun is shouting and gesticulating rudely towards the thief.

Panel 2

The thief is lying on the floor still clutching the stolen handbag. He has tripped over the staff which we can see beneath his feet.

Panel 3

Point of view shot from the thief's perspective looking upwards at DORKMUFFIN and OLDHAT. They are looming over him, two giants, armed with a staff and a sword the height of a mortal man.

Oldhat: Excuse me.

Panel 4

OLDHAT is holding the thief down by one of his shoulders as he presents the stolen handbag back to the old lady faun. The old lady faun is thanking the two of them. DORKMUFFIN is standing next to OLDHAT.

Old Lady Faun: Thank you.

Dorkmuffin (text getting smaller and closer together): Not a problem. It's a service we provide free of charge. We're just starting out on our supers career and need all the experience we can get. Would you minding signing this assessment sheet? But you don't have to. It'd just be...

Caption (bottom right): END!

Approval was sought from both Dorkmuffin and Oldhat before I shared this widely. Their reply was a collective and enthusiastic: FUCK YEAH!

This comic pretty much writes itself as well.

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